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Our products destroy viruses, bacteria, mould, fungi parasites.




Our Sani and Super UV-C and Ozone Product range offers suitable sanitation to assist you with a result beneficial to reducing Infection. Our Sani UV-C , GUV and Ozone Products with offer you the required air and surface sanitation solution. Sani range products are NHLS and SABS approved.


Here is a list of Sanitation areas our products are equipped for.


• Ambulances

• Mobile clinics

• Consultation rooms

• X-ray rooms

• Reception or patient waiting areas

• Burn wards

• TB clinics

• Intensive Care

• Operating theatre surface sanitation

• Reduction of Chemical resistant bacteria

• Reducing Nosocomial Infection

• Audio booths

• Laundry areas

• Sterilisation cabinets

• HVAC solutions



Contact us for so a sanitation solution suitable for your industry.





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