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Our products destroy viruses, bacteria, mould, fungi parasites.




Our Sani and Super UV-C and Ozone Product range offers suitable sanitation to assist you with a result beneficial to reducing Infection and improving overall wellness and performance of staff or residents. Absenteeism can also be a huge factor in corporate industries and our solutions have been proven to be successful in reducing financial loss. Our Sani UV-C , GUV and Ozone Products with offer you the required air and surface sanitation solution. Sani range products are NHLS and SABS approved.


We offer solutions in


• Corporate air sanitation

• Reduced Absenteeism

• Reduced Person to Person Infection

• Odour control in waste areas or smoke rooms

• Odour control in Frail Care

• Retirement home infection control

• School class room infection prevention

• Improving productivity

• Improved water quality

• TB prevention

• HVAC solutions



Contact us for so a sanitation solution suitable for your industry



Other Wellness requirements





SANTA Johannesburg encourage anyone who thinks they may have some of the symptoms of TB to speak to their doctor or ask the company you work for to book our X-Ray truck to come to your premises for TB screening.


It’s important to stress that this screening is not taking place in response to any suspected outbreak of TB, rather it is being held to ensure that any cases are identified promptly and that patients are prescribed the right treatment to help them make a full recovery.






PRIMMED: Privately owned South African company which specialises in First Aid Kits, Medical Consumables, Surgical Instruments, Diagnostic Kits and Infection Prevention Products.




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